Double Basses

Double bass, acoustic bass, upright bass, bass fiddle, slap bass, doghouse, stand up bass … whatever name you call it this instrument has been the bottom support and backbone of music since it’s inception. I started playing bass when I was in 2nd grade (at the age of 8) and it has been a life-long pursuit. I primarily focused on double bass in my early years as a musician, with electric bass playing starting in my late teens.

I have been blessed in owning several great double basses over the years, and today I now have two marvelous basses that I use regularly, a 1972 Hora Romanian flatback and a 1948 Meisel gamba.

BM flatback
1972 Hora Romanian flatback


1948 Meisel laminated gamba
photo (18)
Playing the Meisel at a gig