Ed Goode – Double & Extended Range Bassist


Hi & Welcome!

I’m originally based out of New Jersey but now a Georgia resident, enjoying my retirement in a beautiful home in Acworth, with my fantastic new wife sharing my life, and finally, time to pursue music aspirations and goals to be worked on in this relaxed, gorgeous setting!

The Trio Jazz. Band Sampler

This site is set up strictly for purposes of information; nothing is for sale, nor are we pushing any services in any meaningful way. Originally, the site was intended to be a means to publish my blog, along with incorporating some info about my musical life.

On this site you’ll find pics of some beautiful basses,  both Electric and Double Bass, as well as some cool links to music I’ve recorded. Feel free to look around and let me know what you like, or dislike (yes, I want to know that, too), and I’ll be sure to keep the site updated with all of the feedback I receive.

With Sheila in Destin FL