Ed Goode – Double & Extended Range Bassist

Hi & Welcome!

I’m originally based out of New Jersey but now a Georgia resident, enjoying my retirement from the day gig in a beautiful new-to-me home in Acworth, with my fantastic new wife  to share my life, and finally, time to allow some dormant music aspirations and goals to be worked on in this gorgeous setting!



I’m finally in the process of populating this web site in a proper fashion … it’s been a wee bit of a struggle (as detailed in my September 28, 2017 blog post, “Blogged Down in Technology”) but I think I’m finally on the right track. On this site you’ll find pics of some beautiful basses,  both Electric and Double Bass, as well as some cool links to music I’ve recorded. Feel free to look around and let me know what you like, or dislike (yes, I want to know that, too), and I’ll be sure to keep the site updated with all of the feedback I receive.