Author: sheilaned

Yeah, It’s November 12th and Our Tree Is Up … What’re You Gonna Do About It?

For those people who always say, “Stop rushing Christmas!”, we say, “Tough luck!” Yup, it’s only November 12th and our tree is up in our living room. Granted, it’s bare with nary an ornament in sight, but it’s up. AND, we have other stuff displayed already, too … a lighted Santa blow mold, a “candelabra”,

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The New No-Salt Zone

As many of you know, on April 18th I was hospitalized and diagnosed with acute heart failure. After diagnosis and treatment the determination was systolic heart failure due to a viral attack on my heart causing severe damage to my left ventricle. The docs attempted to get my issues under control through various medications over

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Over the past three years I’ve written, ad nasuem some might suggest, about my incredible good fortune at having a wonderful 35 year marriage, then finding a phenomenal new woman who was willing to marry me, acquiring a new family replete with grandkids, relocating to what might be one of the most beautiful spots in

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