4 Kittens, 2 Deputy Sheriff’s, 1 Broken Well Pump and a Wrong Hat

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Brushy Mountain

Sheila, this morning about 7:00 am: “We should go to Brushy Mountain today and get at least one thing on the to-do list taken care of”.  Me: “Sure, sounds good” …. The rest of the day went rapidly spiraling downward.


Brushy Mountain is one of Sheila’s investment properties, used to be a rental and is now our country home. Brushy is “in the country” as they say down here, and we love it there. But, because of my current health issue we haven’t gone out as frequently. It’s been about 4 weeks since we were there.

This morning, we open the door to find that the house has been broken into and burglarized. We were actually pretty lucky that the only stuff taken was tools from the garage, with most of the interior furnishings left alone. A big mess, to be sure, but not a whole lot of property damage.

I contacted the Paulding County Sheriff’s Department to file a report. While waiting for them to come, I figured let’s get some chores done. One of the outstanding issues was eliminating a sulfur smell in our hot water heater, which involves putting some hydrogen peroxide into the system. I was opening a by-pass valve near one of the filters when a pressure relief valve (I think?) was pressed (by me?) and water started squirting all over the place! I went outside to the well pump (yes, it’s a deep well system) to shut down the feed line, only to have the pump exterior cover get caught up into the PVC pipe line, which snapped the PVC pipe.

Water was now gushing out from the well pump, so back to the house I went to shut down the breaker for the well pump. Mercifully, that stopped all of the water leaking and spouting and flowing. I think Sheila was on the phone with her attorney trying to find out if it was too late to get the marriage annulled.


Hey, I warned her in advance …. musician, NOT a handyman, a musician!!!

The Deputy Sheriff’s show up, and my water soaked self starts to show them the damages from the break-in. We’re on the upper level of the house when I hear the one Deputy say to Sheila, “Do you have a cat? I hear mewing coming from under the bed”. No, we don’t have a cat but sure enough, a black cat darts out from under the bed and runs downstairs. 

This is what the cat looked like

Now, two Deputy Sheriff’s, Sheila and I are chasing a cat around the house. The Deputies realize their time can be better spent pursuing criminals instead of cats and they leave. While Sheila continues to hunt for the elusive black cat, I move on to the next task for the day … programming a new garage door opener after having had some work done on the door  about 1 month earlier.

As I get to the end of the programming sequence (far too long, far too repetitive), as the door is closing one of the roller pins comes shooting off of the track and the door clatters to a stop. I took off my “I’m not a handyman” hat (not really, I don’t own one but probably should!) and decided to give up for the day. 

Back in the house I hear Sheila call, “Ed, come up here” … up I go and there, lo & behold, are 4 kittens under the bed. Little teeny kittens, maybe 3 weeks old. Apparently, when the house was broken into and all the doors left open, mama cat decided that an empty house was a great place to be birthing her babies. So that makes the kittens maybe 3-4 weeks old.


Sheila and I decided to contact our Grand Mistress of Cats (daughter Laura) for guidance. She gave us way too much information about rearing kittens, NOT what we’re looking to do at all!!! Sheila then followed up with our other Earth Mother of Living Things (Gina, Sheila’s sister), who gave us way too much information about rearing kittens, but did give us a live trap to catch mama cat.

In case it’s not clear, we have ZERO desire to keep these kittens! We’re dog people and our two knuckleheads (one big and one small) were loosing their collective dog minds with these teeny-weeny kitties!

We departed Brushy Mountain toting 4 kittens in a box. A quick stop at Pet-Smart for a tiny little can of Kitten Formula (I guess that’s what it’s called) and a kitten feeding bottle … I was promptly relieved of ~$18.00 for these two items … and we arrived home to be greeted by the Grandkids Welcoming Party, all of whom were already convinced that kitties 1 thru 4 were here to stay!

So, a recap of the days events, if you will:

  1. “Let’s get something done!”

  2. Uh-oh, we been robbed!

  3. Let’s break filters in the utility room! 

  4. And, let’s break the well pump lines!

  5. Enlist Deputies (BTW, apparently both about 16 years old!) to help us chase a stray cat!

  6. Re-break the previously broken garage door!

  7. Find 4 teeny-weeny kittens!

  8. Bring said teeny-weenies home to Grandkids!

  9. Still MIA: water system repair, well repair, garage door repair, cat capture, $18 bucks dropped at Pet-Smart

And we still need to find these kittens a home!

Tomorrow is another day …

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