Weighty Matters, Too

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I have previously written about my weight challenges and the steps undertaken to get rid of the excess me …. I was WELL above 340 pounds with a darn good argument to be made for 360 at my peak. I hit my lowest weight (as an adult) in early fall of 2016 at 233 pounds, at that time an estimated weight loss of at least 117 pounds  and very likely more in the neighborhood of 125 pounds! That’s like, nearly, another full human being!

My weight loss details were written in this January 22, 2018 blog post: https://edgoode.com/2018/01/22/weighty-matters/

Of late, the scale has been creeping back up when I step on it. Now, I’m pretty sure the fool thing is broken, but just to be safe I figured I’d write this post to keep myself honest and fully document the uptick in my weight the broken scale.

As of this morning, May 4, 2018, my weight is 246. I have been hovering around the 238 to 242 mark for quite a while, but the past few weeks I’ve noticed my old nemesis, big-phat-gut, beginning to re-appear. I have theories, of course, for this expansion of the physical me:

  1. We bought a Cuisinart Gelato Maker and it’s entirely possible (no, strike that … completely guaranteed!!) that we make the best gelato in the world. Super chocolate, espresso, coconut, banana’s Foster, strawberry, all world class gelato’s. Sheila has not been happy with any other gelato anywhere since we started making our own. So, perhaps, I’m chomping down too much gelato??cuisinart

  2. I’m as completely happy as I have been, ever, in my whole life. And I was pretty dang happy for a good part of my life! But being retired, married to this lovely woman, living is this beautiful state surrounded by a fantastic new family (even while missing the Goode clan), I may (maybe, possibly, probably) have become somewhat lax in my formerly non-existent exercise program and become even lazier than ever.  Maybe?georgia peach

  3. I’m 66 years old and on a collision course in the immediate future with 67. I’ve heard (and BTW, adopted as one of my “weight excuses” banners) that it’s harder to lose weight as you get older. So yeah, that’s a good one. Getting older?scale

  4. I’m waiting for the day Sheila retires so we can begin walking every day. That excuse is so lame that even I have a hard time accepting it, but for now let’s go with it. It’s Sheila’s fault?

All of these reasons/excuses are fine and dandy, but I think it’s just a question of the weight loss pendulum having swung a bit too far over the past few years. The truth is, my ideal weight for most of my adult life was 250 pounds and it seems like my body just likes it there. Sure, I can cut back on the gelato somewhat (not likely, but I can at least say I’m going to try) and I can always be more active (but…but…but, I’m retired! I don’t want to be super busy all of the time), and of course, Sheila will retire someday and we will take a walk once or twice .

I’ve decided I’m going to settle in to my 250-ish-ness and remain happy! I feel better than ever, I can still easily fit into my mid-230’s pound clothes (even when the jeans are fresh out of the wash and all tight, I’m sliding right into them!!), I’m eating very good food and controlling portions … so what if some gelato heads in the wrong direction, or, who cares if I’m not exercising like Richard Simmons (actually, thank God I’m not!) … I’m going to settle into being happy and content and enjoying all of the great things in my life!

And, as an added bonus, Sheila looks fantastic, so no one is looking at me when we’re together! I’ll just continue to ride on her coat tails!

sheila orange chair

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